How FanDuel Achieved a 5:1 ROI With NeoReach
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September 2015 - On the fortnight of the NFL kickoff, FanDuel, the #1 daily fantasy sports platform, was approaching the greatest opportunity in its lifetime. Only a month earlier, FanDuel raised a colossal $275M in venture capital. With hundreds of millions of dollars of growth capital on hand, FanDuel was well-prepared to eclipse the $370 million in revenue they had generated the year before

FanDuel selected influencer marketing for three reasons:

  1. It’s personal and effective: Unlike TV or display ads, an influencer endorsement is personalized and trustworthy.
  2. It has massive scale: Influencers are the new tastemakers and attract billions of eyeballs daily - a marketer’s dream.
  3. It’s untouched by competitors: FanDuel's main competitor, DraftKings, had only dabbled with a few influencer posts.


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